Letter ID: 0884
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D V f.202r-203v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0884/000
Date: July 1589


Addressed: To the right Worshippfull my very lovinge friende Master Thomas Bodleigh Esquier, her Majestyes Counse[ll]ar in the Counsail of state of the united provinces in the Low Contreies. at the Hage or else where./

Endorsed: From Sir Frauncis Walsingham dated the vjth of Julye 1589


Later Addition: Belgia 1589 November To Master Bodly.

Later Addition: Master Bodleigh

Sir, Wheras ther were by consente of the States uppon motion therof made unto them by Sir John Norreis in her Majesties name six hundred horse drawen out of those Companies serving at in those Countries uppon her Majesties Charg for the service of Portugall, forasmuch as the said Companies are in the same voyadge much Weakned and lessned andthat ther is not convenient meanes at this p[nte to make them up againeconsidering the small [some] of horse there is here within the Relm, and the occasions that ar likelie to be of use of such as we have, ther Majestie hathe therfore resolved to have the states moeved for the Charg of the said Companies of horse into footemen, allowing for every hundred horse two hundred footemen, which her pleasure is yow should doe and that withall convenient expedition to the end that uppon the resolucion ther taken and retourned hither she maie give order accordinglye. To this effect I have willed in her Majesties name to the Deputies Here to sollicite the same to the States which I doubt not but theie have done. For the rest such newes as we have here I send yow herewithe and so doe commit yow to god. From the Court at Nonesuche the of Julye 1589. Yor Loving frend Francis Walsyngham

Postscript: There is alreadye order taken for the sending over of 1200 men of thos that [.] are returned owt of Hortogen for the supplye of the seyd 6 bands of horsemen: and therfore you may urge them to allowe of this re- solutyon: for that yt wyll be but in vayne for them to urge the contract.