Letter ID: 0205
Reference: TNA, SP 84/33/218 f.229r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0205/000
Date: 28 July 1589
Copy of: 0852


Endorsed: 28 July 1589 To Master Bodleigh in answer to his of the 26 of Junij & 9 Julij.

Later Addition: 28 July 1589


Sir, Inanswere to your letters which I received, the one of the 26 of the last moneth, the other of the 9 of this instant July, yow shall understand that I doe not much marveyle at the sharpenes and hard bent of Barnevelt against her Majestie and this nation, and the hott course he holdeth in all consultations and actions touchinge them: for that in sondry of the conferences of the LL had with the Deputies, there have bin hard speaches lett fall of him, and of his harshe humors, which it may /be/ the Deputies ether advertised over ether in respect of good will, that some of them in particular doe beare him, or to sharpen him more in his humor, thereby the soner to make him to ronne him self out of breath, and to become odious amongest them. And if I be not deceived, by some other particuler /privat/ advise which I heare from thence, I conceive it will so fall out in the ende, and that before it be longe. for I am given to under- stand, that his doinges are not greatly liked, or rather much mis- liked, of the best and most, and that he is very likely to weare himself out of conceipt before it be longe, if he change not the course of his humors. for it is reported, that he seketh to draw a line, that is both unlikely ever to be broght to passe by him, and that in it self cannot but tourne to the ruine rather of these contries, then any good.

As for your direction for your self, there can as yet be no better given then yow have alredy receaved, for that all certaintie therein, will depend uppon such Conference, as by more ample Commission given to these Deputies, wilbe had with them, or with /such/ other, as they shall thinke good to send over. Which matter yow shal doe wel /to/ hasten, and so their LL. plea- sure is yow shold procure with all instancie yow can, who like very wel of your procedinge with the states, accordinge to the direction yow formerly received from them in that be- half. Amongest them yow may not forgett to acknoledge your self much bounde and beholdinge to my L. Treasorer, who hath delivered very good wordes to her Majestie oft times of your painefull travail and advised dealinge in the charge co-mitted to yow. Yow shall doe well in that behalf /respect/ to wright oftener unto him, wherein as yow /shall/ doe his L. satisfaction, so it can not but tourne yow to good. fol.218v
Were it not that the matter of /sending/ other Commissioners hither, or more ample Commissioners to these, had bin so farre forth proceded in, as it is, both her Majestie and the LL. coold have better liked to have had the conference and metinge of Commissioners there, beinge of opinion that the Conference wold have bin with more spede ended [In margin: there, ]
then it wilbe here. But seing it is so farre proce- ded in, the course is not to be altered, but their dis- patche to be hastened, which is eftsones recommended to your charge and Care. Their LL. were in a good way by conference with the Deputies to have taken some reasonable course for the satisfaction of the L. Willughby, which the said Depu- ties had in part promised, but the comminge forth of his L. apologie brake of the purpose.

This day we received newes out of France, of the murder of the K. by a Jacopin, and that the Nobilitie and Captaines of the armie gave their othe to the K. of Navarre to be loyall & trew unto him, and not to forsake him, but to seke by all meanes the revenge of that so horrible an outrage committed uppon the person of the K. And so I leave yow to God. From the Court at Nonesuch the of July 1589.