Letter ID: 0177
Reference: TNA, SP 84/32/194 f.201r-202v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0177/000
Date: 08 May 1589
Copies: 0826


Addressed: To the right honorable my singular good Lord the L Burghley, Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: 8 May 1589 Master Bodeley. from the Haghe. He commendeth Master Valecke & Master Loosen 2 of the [Comissioners] of the States./

Later Addition: 8 May 89


It may please your L. so to Welcome Master Loosen and Master Valcke, as they may partly perceave, that your L. will doe it, in regard of my writing. For though the self same stream hath caried them with the rest, in their publicke consultations, yet their dealing hath bin ever more moderat, and in particular to me very loving and kinde. I doe assure my self, that they are enjoined in this voiage, to deale in divers causes, against their owne proper judgements: as your L. shall perceave by the maneging of their buisnes. But yet they will not seeme to disunite themselves, or hasarde the losse of their lodging in Holland I doe not name Monsieur Egmond, though he beare the first place in Commission: for that I finde him one of the worst affected persons in this contrey, against the Englishe nation. For whiche I recommend the other two to your L. and take my humble leave. From the Hage. May 8. 1589. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley