Letter ID: 0061
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Nero B III f.202r-205v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0061/000
Date: 17 April 1585
Note: The text is written in a central column.


Dania 1585 April 17. Enstructions for Thomas Bodlighe gent sent to the K. of Denmarke 17 Aprill 1585.


You shall in your waye towardes Denmarke visit the Duke of Brunswicke in our name and delyver to him bothe our letters dyrected to him selfe, and those we have written to the Duke of Saxony, and the Elector of Brandeburgh prayeinge him to convey the same unto them; whome we thinke meete you acquaynte at lengthe with your charge in suche ample sorte as you are directed to emparte the same to the Kinge of Denmarke, hereafter followeinge And after the accomplishementt of that and some other direction which you shall receyve from our Secretary in speciall instructions for that pur- pose, you shall with all convenyent speede goe forwarde in your jourr jorney towardes Denmarke

Where beinge arryved, at the tyme of your accesse after the delyvery of our letters unto the kinge and other fol.202v
Dania: 1585 April 17. complementtes performed towardes him you shall acquaynte him at large with the present proceedeinge in France, accordinge to suche information and memorialls as you shall receyve from our Secretary

Then shall you signifie unto the same Kinge that we doe conceave that the attempte by the howse of Guise and their associattes sett one by the Kinge of Spayne the Pope and the reste of the Catholique princes in Christ- endome tendeth manifestly to the execution of the Counsell of Trentt and that therfore it behoveth suche Prynces as make profession of the Gospell to awake out of their sleepe seinge soe manifeste and daungerous a storme to hange over their heades

That it is undoubtedly to be looked for that if this proceedeinge of the house of Guise by seekeinge moste un- dutifully to force the Kinge of France to deprive fol.203r
Dania: 1585 April 17. the Kinge of Navarre of his righte of succession to the Crowne under coullour that he is a schismatique, be not mette with all by a common convenyency for defence amonge the Prynces that professe the gospell the example therof may be most daungerous and extended to the depryveinge of all other Prynces beinge present possessioners of Kingdomes that make profession of the same religion uppon like pretexte

That therfore we doe not doubte but that the said Kinge whoe hathe bene alwayes founde moste readye to embrace all good causes will not nowe fayle in a matter that ymporteth soe greatly the defence of the gospell and his owne saufty to emply suche meanes as god hath gyven him in the furtherance therof

That we thinke that the beste way that may be helde for our common fol.203v
Dania: 1585 April 17. safety is that suche Prynces as make profession of the gospell throughe out Europe shoulde joyne them selves in an association and holy confederacy for common defence of their religious and christian profession. Forwhich purpose we thinke meete that the said Prynces should sende their Deputies to some apte and well chosen place in Germany with ample instructions to treate and debate uppon the matter and to take some suche resolution for common defence as may staye the adversaries from attempteinge any thinge againste them./ And as we have already for that purpose written our letters to the Prynces Ellectors and other Prynces of Germany whome you shall name unto the said Kinge. Soe shall you tell him, that we doe praye him that he will doe the like like and for fol.204r
Dania: 1585 April 17. And for the better concurrence in the subjecte of our letters you shall shewe him the Coppies of our letters that have bene written to the said Princes in that behalfe which shalbe delyvered unto you by our Secretary and also acquaynte him with that which you have negociated in your way with the Duke of Brunswick accordeinge to the enstructions which you shall receyve for that purpose You shall pray the said Kinge that at suche tyme as the place and tyme of this intended assembly shalbe agreed on by the said Prynces Electors. It will please him to send alsoe some well chosen Comissioners thither

Furthermore you shall lette him understande that we doe not onely thinke it convenyent that the said Comissioners shoulde have authority to treate and consulte what were fitte to be done for common defence but also to be further authorised to make fol.204v
Dania: 1585 April 17. make offer one their Princes behalfe of some contribution of bothe mony and men to be employed in case of necessetye/

Moreover it shalbe requisite in case the Frenche Kinge shalbe forced againste his will to enter into warres againste the Kinge of Navarre That then the said Commissioners be authorised bothe to consulte and offer some meanes of supporte for his releife./

We thinke it alsoe convenyent that you presse the said Kinge to sende ymediatly his leters to the Princes of Germanye to provoke them to joyne in this action, and to send their Comissioners as /is/ by hir majestie desired in her late leters to suche place as by them shalbe thoughte meete

Haveinge soe finished with the Kinge of Denmarke you shall retorne to the Duke of Brunswicke/ we thinke fol.205r
Dania: 1585 April 17. we thinke it alsoe convenyent that you doe praye the Kinge of Denmark that whereas heretofore the Duke of Holste his Uncle hathe served the Kinge of Spayne under the Duke of Alva, and may peradventure leane still that way that the said Kinge will deale with the Duke that in respecte of the common cause of religion where of he maketh profession, which is now so manifestly ypugned a universall indevor of all Princes Catholiques

Thoughe heretofore he have for some particular respecte bene drawen into the service of the ennemyes of the gospell, that now, yet for the generall cause sake he will forbeare to yeilde any forces out of his Country either with his owne persone, or anie perticuler leavies by his permission.